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linear mixes of fifteen cities worldwide incorporated into blended maps of that cities from which the sounds are taken. 101010
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dresden sonicity-->generative coded system for playing world sounds. Sounds are  captured  from  webcams.
soundmaps series of interactive maps.
london mix soundmap
sao paulo soundmap
dresden soundmap
amsterdam soundmap
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barcelona soundmap
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info about soundcities

Soundcities CD as free download. Musical compositions using the database by Stanza 2003. I tried to rework all the found sounds into finished compositions the result is the Soundcities CD. The cd called soundcities, mixes of all these founds sounds from the online database into a series of compositions from each city. The intention was to also make compositonal interpretation of these sounds. Working with Pelado the sounds where arranged as finished compositions into nearly 70 mins of music that forms the basis of a 'world tour'. The sounds on the cd are augmented and fractured and some are altered using specially made software.. After more than a year of editing arranging and tweaking this is now released online. Please wait while for mp3 to download, this may take a while. As MP3 Online download release
made by stanza